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Welcome to PubQuiz.AI's picture round. Imagine a real pub quiz celebrity picture round; except you're not in a pub, the quiz isn't on a photocopied piece of paper and you've only got a minute to work out the answers. And all the pictures have been generated using DALL-E, OpenAI's image-generation service.

Like a pub quiz it's much better as a social experience, so gather friends around your screen or share the page with them afterwards. The printer option on the menu gives you a version designed to print for real-life quizzes - quizmasters, feel free to steal them (but remember to write down the answers first). About half the quizzes are "Lookalikes". The rest are... other things.

This was a quick and dirty project to learn about AI for something completely different (a roguelike RPG about dice!) and built largely by one person so excuse the jank. You can report bugs and make suggestions on the PQ.AI Discord or just head there to hang out. There are new quizzes every 24 hours and a growing archive of old ones to explore. Good luck.


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Design / Code / "UI"

Ste Curran

Server Stuff

Ed Thorley

Frontend Dev Consultant

Ed Jefferson

Audio (absent)

Harry Holmwood

Thanks to:

OpenAI, the Magicave Team, One Life Left

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The pub quiz picture round generated entirely by AI!